2021 IEEE International Conference on Unmanned Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Nov 27-28, 2021, Beijing, China

The conference invited 22 experts to report on the development direction of industrial intelligence, the all-drive system method for spacecraft control, the continuous deepening reform of science funds and the analysis of funding in the field of information, dynamic structural neural networks and their applications in an open environment , A new generation of artificial intelligence: main features and typical applications, research on key technologies for teleoperated space robots, intelligent navigation technology in blind environments for autonomous unmanned systems, research progress in self-learning optimal control technology for intelligent vehicles, wearable hybrid intelligence for human-machine cooperation Robot control theory and method, heterogeneous approximator coupling collaborative design and control comprehensive technology, human-machine fusion exoskeleton robot, application and development trend of intelligent unmanned system technology, basic problems and recent progress of quantitative system parameter identification and control, time synchronization control , Multi-disciplinary cross to promote the innovation and development of smart medical technology, Adaptive PID algorithm and its application in drones, precise micro-manipulation of robots to improve the success rate of animal clones, intelligent photothermal control materials-the revolution of light and heat, untrustworthy A top-level academic feast in the fields of intelligent-driven and reliable intelligent manufacturing, multi-modal active perception of robots, intelligent control of precision electronic manufacturing equipment, multi-agent transfer reinforcement learning based on efficient exploration, etc., sharing and interpreting artificial intelligence in an all-round way And the most cutting-edge academic achievements in the field of unmanned systems. The participants discussed and speculated on issues in related fields, and guided promoting the exchange, development, and integration of related disciplines.

Important Dates:

Nov 27-28, 2021-IEEE International Conference on Unmanned Systems and Artificial Intelligence