Synchronization, Filtering and Control for Complex Dynamical Networks – A Sampled-Data Perspective

Abstract: In this talk, we will address the sampled-data synchronization control problem for a class of general complex networks, and then deal with the sampled-data filtering problems for two special classes of complex networks –wireless sensor networks and genetic regulatory networks. The sampling period considered here is time-varying that is allowed to switch between two different values in a random way. The main purpose is to deliver the message that sampled-data issue is vitally important for the applications of complex network theory and the sampled-data filtering/control problems are interesting yet challenging. Both the theoretical research and engineering applications will be discussed, and a series of recently published results will be reported.

Biography: 王子栋博士现任英国布鲁奈尔大学工程设计与物理科学学院终身教授。王子栋教授于1996年获得德国洪堡基金,1998年获得日本科学促进会基金,2002年获得香港大学威廉蒙基金。多年来从事控制理论(随机控制,鲁棒控制,非线性控制,模型简化)、信号处理、生物信息学方面的研究,在SCI刊物上发表国际论文四百余篇。现任或曾任十二种国际刊物的主编、副编辑或编委,包括Neurocomputing主编;国际系统科学杂志执行主编;IEEE自动控制汇刊副编缉;IEEE控制系统技术汇刊副编缉;IEEE神经网络汇刊副编缉; IEEE系统、人、与控制汇刊副编缉;IEEE信号处理汇刊副编缉等。曾任东华大学长江学者讲座教授(2008-2010), 清华大学千人计划(短期项目)教授(2011-2014)。 现为IEEE Fellow,IEEE出版社编委,英国皇家统计学会理事,曾任旅英华人自动化及计算机协会主席。